7 June 2011

Where's Wiki in Week 5?

Wiki has been having a few adventures over the past fortnight. Apart from climbing onto a Mack truck, he has been to Mc Donald's with Ben and his sister who sucked his beak, played pool with Moriah, checked out Harshil's Dad's trophies, spent time outside with Tanisha and tonight he is with Connor. We are wondering what is happening with Bernard because our buddies, Room B What's the Buzz? haven't written about him on their blog for a while...

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  1. Mrs Harris, Room B and Bernard7 June 2011 at 21:11

    Hi there LZ4 Bernard says a big hello and to say that he is off to his first disco tomorrow night - he is having an early night tonight! We will make sure we put photos of him on the blog as Im sure you are missing him lots. Every day he sits with his buddy Q-Bear and the Hi5 person on the special chair. He really enjoys blog time because he gets to see you all. He really liked listening to the Goldilocks story today :)