15 October 2012

Party in the USA

For our variety show LZ4 performed Party in the USA. Here is our practise video.

29 August 2012

Olympics Day at MHP

We had a fantastic day celebrating the Olympics at school. Each learning Zone adopted a country to learn about for 2 weeks and then we played tabloid sports to see who could win the gold, silver and bronze medal overall in the whole school for showing the Olympic values. The ASB kindly donated some real medal to us. Ms Baker made this fantastic video below to summarise the day.

23 July 2012

The Fox

This term we are focusing on writing descriptions of a moment in time. We are reading The Robber Fox as our shared book and have been learning about foxes. A baby fox is called a kit. Here are some of our descriptions of the picture below.
The little red kit is timid because Mum is out hunting. The kit is waiting on the grass. Its tummy is grumbling. The kit is looking for bugs. By Koda

The kit is waiting for its Mum. The cute kit is in a log. It is hungry. It is brown, orange and black. The grass is tickling its paws. There are lillies growing, also red roses. By Katie

There was a little brown orange kit in a wooden brown log. He was timid and scared. The kit was very lonely because his mother had gone hunting. You can tell because of his snout. He was guarding the wooden log because it was his home. By Danna

A picnic description

On a beautiful sunny day, a family of four went out for a picnic in the park. The girl threw the ball and Mum caught it. The ball was blue, red and orange. Then after playing with the ball, the family started to eat crunchy apples and when they were thirsty, they had orange juice in a yellow cup. Dad was lying down on the green grass. He heard birds singing up in the blue sky. By Barleen

One summer morning, a family of four went for a picnic at the park. They heard the wind blowing through the trees. They saw people playing cricket. They smelt the beautiful fresh grass. Their mother is throwing a red, orange and blue ball. By the boy is a green ball that is light green and dark green. The little girl is giggling because her mum is throwing the ball high up in the blue sky. By Maisarah

16 July 2012

In the holidays....

I went to the zoo. I saw the tigers down in the bottom. The tigers were sleeping. Afterwards I went to look at the other bits of the zoo. They were wonderful. By George

In the holidays, I went to the museum. I was very excited. I saw many guns. I even saw dinosaur bones. First we all went to buy tickets. The tickets were for donation. My Mum and my Mum's parents came. We were wandering around like birds. Next we made masks. There were lots of wooden carved animals. After that we saw creepy snakes in jars. They looked like they were real. I saw what famous people used to help them to walk. I had fun. By Danna

On Saturday Mum and Dad went out shopping. They were buying groceries. Then they found a spot near a shop that was giving away aprons for free and my parents got two, one for my brother and one for me. They were red and there were pictures of food. There was a cookbook and a vivid pen. My Mum bought play money for us to play with. By Maisarah

23 June 2012

Mamma Mia! We Made Pizza!

On Wednesday we made pizzas. First we had to mix the yeast with sugar and warm water and wait 15 minutes for it to rise. Then we added flour and salt to make a dough. We put sauce and cheese on our pizzas and cooked them. They tasted delicious!