21 June 2011

Shaun the sheep's adventures by LZ4

Shaun was bored. Even the dog was bored. Suddenly the blue tractor came down the road. A yellow duck walked slowly in the road. The farmer went sideways and dropped some cabbages. Then one went to the duck and hit it. After the cabbage rolled quickly to the sheep. The sheep kicked it and played soccer. All of them wanted to play soccer. The dog got frightened.
By Harold

Shaun was going to school, but there was a big fire. He did not know what to do! He thought and thought then he had an idea. He said "we will put the fire out with water." The fire went out.  By Kawiti

One day, the farmer was in his black musty and dusty bed. He got his special glasses and went out of the door. Next he was going out on his tractor, but it didn't work. The dog came to help. The dog accidently sprayed petrol on the farmer's face. The farmer walked around the farm and Shaun the sheep stole his glasses to be a rockstar. Then the farmer drove the tractor and he stopped because there was a scarecrow in front of the road. He wrestled with the scarecrow. He drove back to the farm and crash!!!!! Meanwhile, it was night and the farmer was going to shear the sheep. But Shaun made some new glasses and put them on the farmer. He stopped what he was doing and went to sleep because it was night.  By Michael


  1. Hi Harold,

    I feel sorry for the duck in your story!!! Didn't any other of the animals stop to help the duck?