27 April 2011

Wiki has arrived!

Bernard, the St. Bernard is in transit heading to Palmerston North, Fielding on a mascot exchange with Manchester Street School, Room B, Fielding. He will be staying for a whole term. 
Wiki, the kiwi has arrived safely with a rugby world cup bag full of goodies. I can tell he loves rugby. He has been hanging out with me and so far has been to the National Library to help me choose some books about simple mechanisms which is our topic for the term. He has met Pipsqueak my kiwi friend.

He came to the gym to train and hoped to spot the Warriors because they train there. I have arranged for him to train with a few of the Blues, because they play real rugby, not just league. He will be going with Andrew, a personal trainer from the gym on Thursday to meet them. Plus the manager of the gym is going to TRY to get a photo of Wiki with the Warriors next Monday. Wiki
 can't wait to meet the class on Tuesday and find out who is the first Munchkin with whom he is going home.

25 April 2011


 Today is ANZAC Day! It is a national day of remembrance, similar to Veteran's Day in America and Remembrance Day on 11th November in Europe. We remember the New Zealand and Australian soldiers who fought at Gallipoli in World War I, 1914-1918. Auckland has dawn services, especially at the Domain near the Museum, with the last post playing. The first memorial was held 96 years ago. Now ANZAC day helps to remember all soldiers and armed services people who have died.

19 April 2011

A German story for Connor

Die ZaubermausDie Zaubermaus
Hi Connor! Can you translate this story for the class and post a comment with the story in English in it?
Eine kleine graue Maus lebte auf einer Farm.
Eines Tages wollte sie keine Maus mehr sein. Sie wünschte sich, eine blaue Katze zu sein. So wurde sie eine grau-blaue Maus-Katze.
Eines Tages wollte sie keine grau-blaue Maus-Katze mehr sein. Sie wünschte sich, eine grüne Ente zu sein. So wurde sie eine grau-blau-grüne Maus-Katze-Ente.
Eines Tages wollte sie keine grau-blau-grüne Maus-Katze-Ente mehr sein. Sie wünschte sich, eine rote Schlange zu sein. So wurde sie eine grau-blau-grün-rote Maus-Katze-Ente-Schlange.
Eines Tages wollte sie keine grau-blau-grün-rote Maus-Katze-Ente-Schlange mehr sein. Sie wünschte sich, eine gelbe Giraffe zu sein. So wurde sie eine grau-blau-grün-rot-gelbe Maus-Katze-Ente-Schlange-Giraffe.
Nun war sie so bunt, dass sich alle Tiere vor ihr fürchteten. Bald hatte sie keine Freunde mehr.
Eines Tages wollte sie keine grau-blau-grün-rot-gelbe Maus-Katze-Ente-Schlange-Giraffe mehr sein. Sie wünschte sich, eine kleine graue Maus zu sein. So wurde sie wieder eine kleine graue Maus.
Nun war sie sehr glücklich.

       Words Ahoy! · Wörter Ahoi!

die Mausmouse
eines Tagesone day
und so wurde sie ...and so it became ...
blaue Katzeblue cat
zu seinto be
grüne Entegreen duck
rote Schlangered snake
gelbe Giraffeyellow giraffe
alle Tiereall animals
sich fürchtento be afraid
die Freundefriends
glücklich seinto be happy
die Zaubermausthe magic mouse

16 April 2011

The great easter egg hunt

Hi Munchkins! Do not forget the Easter Sunday egg hunt at school which the Easter Bunny is organising. Only the first 200 students can take part. Here is an Easter egg hunt to try at home:

Easter Egg Hunt

15 April 2011

Term One MHP Learning Framework

We learnt a lot about insects and bugs this term. We made this slide show together in class to show our learning process following the Mission Heights Learning Framework. 
Here is how we did it:

P.S. Click on the pictures to enlarge

14 April 2011


Today we had a talk from the SPCA: the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. We learnt about the five main things our pets need: water and food, shelter, love, vet care and exercise. We watched Suzy's World and learnt that their is only one SPCA centre in Auckland and it deals with 15, 000 pets a year! They have all types of animals from cats and dogs, to sheep and horses. We had a chance to stroke a rat. We donated some cans of food to say thank you for coming to talk to us.

Max is my pet dog. He is a Maori Cook Islander. Max has four legs and has a wet nose and black eyes. On cold nights he goes to my bed and sleeps. By Romana

Milo is my pet rabbit. He looks a kind of chocolate colour. He has brown creepy eyes and freaky invisible whiskers. He lives in a little rabbit house outside. He has four legs and a bushy tail. He loves me and I love him. By Connor

Ella is my cat and she has four legs and whiskers. She sleeps on my bed when I sleep. She kisses me. After that she goes outside then my Dad gets my cat. By Lorraine

13 April 2011

Kelly Sports

Autumn poems

Autumn is the time when colourful leaves fall from the tall trees,
Autumn is the time for hot yummy chocolate crepes,
Autumn is when the animals hibernate,
Autumn is the time for a nice hot bath.
By Connor

Autumn is cold,
Autumn is sunny,
Autumn is windy,
Autumn is animals hibernating,
Autumn is rainy,
Autumn is leaves dying, 
Autumn is colourful leaves
Autumn is crunchy,
Autumn is hot showers and baths.
By Harman

Autumn is hot chocolate- very very hot!
Autumn is some animals hibernating,
Autumn is dying crunchy leaves,
Autumn is the wind blowing fast,
Autumn is a special day you can sleep in!
By Michael

12 April 2011

Wiki is coming to visit from Manchester Street School, Fielding!

Our teacher has organised for us to have a mascot exchange for term 2! Bernard, the St. Bernard is going to go to Room B, Manchester Street School in Fielding. Today we looked on google maps to see where Fielding is because no one knew. It is close to Palmerston North.

We are going to look after Wiki the Kiwi from Fielding for a term, write up his adventures in a book and put posts on our blog of some of his adventures. We are hoping he has a safe journey up to the big city of Auckland over the holidays. We have promised to treat him like a celebrity.

This is where Bernard will be living for Term 2!

8 April 2011

Spider Sculptures

Over the last two weeks we have been working on making spider sculptures. We did papier mache over balloons and had to have four layers of paper. Then we stuffed them with papaer to make sure they kept their shape. We added the head and painted them black. Then we added our own patterns and designs. We learnt how to make concertina legs from strips of paper. Our teacher used a hot glue gun to glue on the legs and eyes. She burnt her finger and it hurt for 3 hours! Ouch!

7 April 2011

If I were a ...

If I was a bee, I would sting people with my stinger and collect nectar from the flowers. I would give the nectar to the Queen. Afterwards all of the bees would eat the honey together.
By Harman

If I was a butterfly I would have beautiful colours. I would have patterns on my wings. If I found flowers I would suck the nectar and lay an egg underneath a leaf. I have a large family.
By Amisha

If I was a praying mantis, I would camouflage myself on a leaf and wait until I caught a fly. When it rains I would hide under a tree and wait until the rain has finished. I would live in the woods with my friends. I would play tag with them.
By Connor

If I was an army ant I would kill a scorpion with my strong team and fight every insect to protect the colony.
By Michael