30 August 2011

Professor Flumf the Great Explorer

We have been reading a book about Professor Flumf, a famous explorer who finds treasure on an island. He is a bit forgetful and leaves his suitcase at the airport, his compass in his sailboat and his camera on the plane. He recieved a letter from a Pharoah inviting him to visit the pyramids of Giza. We wrote a reply pretending that we were Professor Flumf.

The Big Paris Hotel,
Room 105,

30th August 2011

Dear Pharoah,
Thank you for the invitation and ticket to Egypt. Please bring a friendly camel who won't spit on me when I get there. But where is the pyramid? I will be happy to tell you about France and Thailand.
From Professor Flumf AKA Andre

Dear Pharoah,
Thank you for the invitation. I am happy to tell you about France and Thailand. Are there some mummies in Egypt? I have got a ticket and will be coming next Sunday. Please bring a nice camel that doesn't spit to the airport.
Love from Professor Flumf AKA Harman

26 August 2011

Teddy Bears

This week we read Grumpy Bear by Jill Eggleton. We wrote letters to Grumpy Bear asking him why he couldn't sleep and making suggestions about what he could do. We thought he could have a hot honey milk drink, or snuggle up to a hot water bottle, or put ear muffs on to block out the noise that the birds, bees and mice were making. We also thought he was a bit mean and rude to shout at the other animals and suggested he said sorry and threw them a party. We also did some stunning art on Thursday which is now on display in our Learning Zone.

24 August 2011

Romanian Flag

Keisha did some research last night about the Romanian flag and why it is red, yellow and blue. Well done for being pro-active in your research! 

The flag is blue to represent vigilance, truth and justice. 
Yellow stands for generosity. 
Red represents strength, bravery and the blood split during the revolution.

19 August 2011

Our country is: Romania!

Each Learning Zone in our school had to select a name of a country playing in the Rugby World Cup 2011 to support and learn about. This morning Connor chose Romania out of a hat during assembly. None of us know anything about Romania. Our teacher's heritage is Polish and Poland is quite close. In week 5 and 6 we will learn about Romania and share our new knowledge. We will also have a mufti day where we will look like Romanians. If you know anything about Romania feel free to comment and share.

Zumba Award

Well done to Mellisa! She got a certificate for her efforts for Zumba ACE. Mellisa is a keen gymnast and a natural dancer, who shows talent at an early age. 

Excellence Award Week 3

Well done to Amisha! She is the only person from LZ4 who was talented enough in dance to be selected for Mrs Nyahore's Boogie Bods who will be showcasing at the Howick Dance Festival at Elim College. Amisha also exhibits the value of responsibility, is helpful in class and has been trying very hard in her learning. Well done!

16 August 2011

Toys past and present

We made information posters about what life was like in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. We had to read a book in a group, decide what to write about and then rewrite what we had read without plagarising (that means copying straight out of the book).
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15 August 2011

Hail, sleet or snow?

It last snowed in Auckland on Thursday July 27th 1939. That is 72 years ago. 
New Zealand is experiencing an Antarctic storm which is making it cold everywhere! 
This morning it hailed at school. Brrrrrr
Hail hail go away, come back another day....

Tanisha lost her tooth!

On Thursday Tanisha's tooth came out. Now we know that she is definitely 7 years old because your two front teeth usually fall out when you are 7. She got $20 from the tooth fairy!

13 August 2011

Shakira 'Waka waka'

We love dancing to this song in class. It really gets our hearts beating fast and makes us feel happy inside. Try it!

11 August 2011

Howick Historical Village recounts...

At school we came in and packed our bags and the bus came. Then we climbed on to it and we drove to Howick Historical Village. Only the people who are 6 and 7 could go. We played with wooden horses, stick, bowling and stilts. We explored the village. We saw tents, shops and wooden things. There were old places. We made butter with Mrs Pots. We ate butter with crackers.  By Andre

Yesterday LZ4, LZ1, LZ6 and LZ5 went to the Howick Historical Village. First LZ4 and LZ1 went to make butter. We saw how Mrs Pots made the butter. First there was cream inside the glass and we sang a song, but on cold days the cream takes a long time to turn into butter.      By Amisha

On Tuesday 2011, the Yr 2s went to the Howick Historical Village. It was old, cold, different and fragile. It was cold and damp. My favourite past was when Mrs Hill taught us some outside games like bowling, wooden horses, triple sticks, stilts and skipping. To me, the bowling was the super best. We all had exciting things to do, like different things than now. By Connor

9 August 2011

Howick Historical Village

Today LZ 1, 4, 5 and 6 went to Howick Historical Village to take a step into the past. We learnt about parlour games, how to make butter, the toys children played with a hundred years ago and explored the village. We hope you enjoy our photos! Thank you to Liam's mum and Harold's dad for helping us out all day.

8 August 2011

One of our munchkins is leaving us

Xuan is leaving to go back to China. She has been in our class since March. We will miss you loads Xuan! Thank you for the delicious chocolate cake which your auntie brought in for us to munch on today.

6 August 2011

Cass the Colour Robber

This week our big book was Cass the Colour Robber. It is about a thief who uses his colour stick to zap all the colour from the world. Then he goes for a walk and notices that everything is grey. This makes him feel sad, so he decides to give back all the colours to the world. However, whilst in his sack all the colours got mixed up and come out as rainbows making everything rainbow coloured. We wrote colour poems inspired by the book.

Next we created some Art. On Tuesday we learnt how to draw Cass. Ms K showed us step-by-step how to draw him. Then she went over our pictures with a black felt-tip. On Thursday we drew our mountains and used charcoal to make shadows. We also drew the grass. On Friday Ms K drew a rainbow for each of us to colour in. We learnt about the correct order of the rainbow colours. We can remember it by saying "Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain" or remembering the name ROY G. BIV.
Some of the adults in our school didn't believe that we had done our art! We think that Art can be edited, like a book is proofread and edited before it is published. We now feel confident at Art and believe in our talents. We love our pictures. Come see them in the Earth Studio in Week 2.
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5 August 2011

Happy Birthday Thaleisha

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Excellence Award Week 1

Congratulations to Andre! He was awarded the excellence certificate for a huge improvement in remaining on task and completing all his learning in a focused manner.

1 August 2011

Our holidays

One rainy afternoon Ricky, AJ, Mum, my sister and me went to Botany movie theatre. We watched Cars 2. We were in the very front row. It was a movie about top agents. There was a naughty professor who was trying to take over the world but Flinn was an agent. He was stopping those dumb dumb babies. They were good at making machines go nuts. It was awesome. My sister did not like it. We had popcorn and it was yummy.   By Connor

One sunny day, I went to Myah's house in the afternoon. When I got to her house I was really excited. I got my cool fairy dress and Myah has the same one. Myah's parents were also there too. Libby is Myah's mum and Andy is Myah's dad. Myah and me enjoyed playing so much we started to get hungry and a bit bored. So we ate some cheese in bread and we watched Beauty and the Beast. In a while, the doorbell rang and it was my dad and he said "come on Tanisha we have to go home." When I got home I said to my parents I has a great time at Myah's house and I enjoyed it so so much. By Tanisha

One windy morning, my family went to the cinemas. We wanted ti watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. My family needed to wait because we were early. i was starving. We tried again and we went inside and it was loud. We sat in the middle. It was scary. I was eating popcorn, chips and Coke. The screen was so light but all around it was dark. The seats were nice. I was moving lots.  By Harold