21 June 2011

Our goal for Term 3

We have been studying our world map to see where our visitors come from. We have noticed that we have had a lot of visitors from New Zealand, North America, Australia, England and Canada. We have decided that our goal for term 3 is to get a visitor from Greenland, Alaska, Russia, South Africa and Antarctica. We will need to do some research to email people from these countries and share our blog address with them. If we are successful, Ms K will bring in a treat for us before she goes on her holiday to England in October. If you have any suggestions or know anyone in these areas, please comment so we can follow it up.


  1. to the munchkins I hope wiki is having fun and learning new things.
    From your blog buddy, Anika.

  2. Dear Munchkins, SOme of us in the Tiny Teds have relatives in South Africa. We will ask our parents to help us get them to read your blog - if they can .
    From TinyTeds :)

  3. Wow thank you Tiny Teds that would be fantastic! We have to South African students in our class, but their families have not looked very often on our blog.