2 June 2011

A big Mack came to school today...

Today we had a real treat visit us! Caleb's Dad has a friend who bought a Mack Truck and restored it. It came to school today and we were allowed to touch it, climb into the driver's seat, honk the very loud horn and check out all the simple machines which can be found in a Mack. Wiki thought is was awesome!


  1. WOW the truck looks very exciting! It must have been fun to get inside it. Wiki lookslike he had fun too.
    <3 The Tiny Teds

  2. What a treat for you all - Wiki was very lucky to be up so high. The big truck looked as shiny as a new coin (my attempt of a simile!) You have been doing some great writing LZ4. We have been writing about being a clown this week. Have a nice long weekend everyone :)