23 June 2012

Mamma Mia! We Made Pizza!

On Wednesday we made pizzas. First we had to mix the yeast with sugar and warm water and wait 15 minutes for it to rise. Then we added flour and salt to make a dough. We put sauce and cheese on our pizzas and cooked them. They tasted delicious!

Science in a van

Science in a Van came to visit us last Friday. We learnt a lot about bubbles. Shavaughn got to hold a pet bubble filled with Carbon Dioxide which made it heavy enough to sit in her hands without popping. We also so bubbles filled with helium which floated straight to the ceiling.

11 June 2012

Weekend Recounts

On Saturday Mum and Dad went shopping and I stayed at home with my two brothers and my sister. I played blocks and made a tiny ship. Then my brother and I did some work. After that, my brother and I were playing again. I was so hungry that my tummy was grumbling a lot. I ate some food. By the time I was finished, Mum and Dad came home. I helped Dad to carry the food. By Maisarah

On Saturday I got a new skateboard. It was black and red and blue. My uncle bought it for me. After I got kneepads and a helmet. Then I went to the skatepark. I did flips. Then I went back home. I ate popcorn and we watched movies. Then I went to eat my dinner. By Koda

Yesterday my Mum, Dad, brother and me went for a long walk. We walked all the way to the hill. The view was lovely. I was a little tired. My Mum and Dad decided that we needed to go a little further. So we started to walk and my little brother was lucky because he could sit in his seat. On the way I picked some yellow flowers. The flowers were as yellow as the sun. I gave them to my brother. My legs hurt after the walk. By Danna

7 June 2012

Roti and Poojas

Kanav's mum and dad made some roti and pooja for us to try. They are Indian breads eaten as a snack or with a meal. They do not have yeast in them, so are flat.

Monster Cats

Last week our Big Book was about Mrs P who had a broken catch on her gate. She wrote 'beware of the cat' and ran out of paint so she could not finish the word. Her neighbours thought there was a monster cat and ran away scared.