16 June 2011

Snow's visit to LZ4

Today when I went to school I saw a guinea pig from Miss Baker's class and I was impressed. I wanted to touch it and Ms Koltonowska let me touch it. She also let the other girls touch it. Then for a while, Ms Koltonowska said it was time to sit on the mat to hold it and to give it a little scratch. When it was my turn, I held it in a towel and I started to feel a bit braver so Ms Koltonowska took off the towel.   By Tanisha

Today, we got to hold a guinea pig. First Miss Baker brought the guinea pig. When she was finished with it, we got to have a stroke. The guinea pig's name was Snow. He was an albino. That means he had no colour. He was just white with red eyes. I felt excited. We had to hold him inside a towel. I was excited to see a guinea pig inside our class.    By Romana

Today Miss Baker brought Snow to school so we could look at him. He felt like a teddybear. He looked like snow on a hill. His eyes were red like apples and his fur looked like snow.   By Kawiti

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