7 June 2011

Our explanations of Matariki

Matariki is when the seven star sisters come out in June. It is very important for the Maoris. When summertime has past, the Sun is tired so the stars help the Sun. You can see Matariki in the early morning. When the stars shine brightly that means it is going to be a warm winter. If the stars are dull it is going to be not a good winter.   By Michael

Matariki is when the Maori people celebrate New Year. Early in the morning in June, you can see the seven sisters in the blue sky. If you see the seven sisters and they shine that means it is going to be a good warm winter.   By Mellisa

Matariki is a festival in June when the Maori celebrate. Matariki can be seen early in the morning. In the festival, the Maoris do weaving, singing and carving. You can see the seven stars. Te Ra, the Sun, is tired after summer so the seven stars help. They say that if you see the stars that means it's going to be a nice winter and if you can't see them it's going to be wet and cold.  By Connor

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