15 June 2011

Snow the albino guinea pig

Today, Snow the guinea pig came to visit our classroom. He was very cute. Ms K scratched his back and he squeaked, so we think he liked it. He ate a piece of J.J.'s apple as a treat. He felt quite soft, but his hair was rough and thick. He has four toes on his feet and sharp nails.


  1. mariecel, Philippines15 June 2011 at 19:19

    wow! so cute...He looks like a rabbit... I like him. Hello snow.

  2. Hi there Munchkins. Snow is our pet guinea pig and we are so glad he has had the chance to visit you while Miss Baker has been looking after him. We are missing him at home as he has been away for 3 nights now. Thank you for posting such awesome photos.

  3. Dear Munchkins, That guinea pig looks SO cute. I wonder if he would like to visit Western Australia?
    Love Mrs E