28 June 2011

The Taniwha

For the last three weeks of this term we have chosen to learn about dragons. This week we are learning about Taniwha. Watch this space for our fantastic art on Friday and a video of us singing 'One Day a Taniwha' with actions.
A taniwha is a Maori monster and it is a Maori legend. It is big and it has a lot of Maori patterns and scales on its body. It lives in the water or a swamp or on an island or in a cave. Some are good and protect the island and some are bad and eat people. By Andre

A taniwha looks like a snake. It is a maori monster. It has big and sharp teeth. It lives in the sea or in the cave.  By Xuan

A taniwha is a Maori guardian monster. A taniwha lives in a lake. Some taniwha protect people, some taniwha want to eat people. By Liang

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