30 March 2012

Term 1 Wk 9 Excellence Award

Well done to Kanav who has shown huge improvements in reading and writing. He has been working hard on understanding the suggested message in book and on using finger spaces in his writing.

Earth Studio won the Enviro Award!

Earth Studio, which is a shared learning space with LZ5 outside our classroom won the Enviro Trophy. We have been working hard at keeping our studio clean, making sure we put paper in the paper recycle and rubbish in the black bin. Anshveer and Hawrea are our Enviro monitors. They make sure there is no rubbish left outside our classroom before 3pm.

27 March 2012

It is Digital Citizen Week

This week we are focusing on what it means to be a digital citizen, being cybersafe, how to email and comment on bolgs. We have been watching Hector's World which is a fantastic resource for helping us to understand why we should not give out our personal details on the world wide web and what to do if we see inappropriate things on the internet.

What we did at the weekend...

In the weekend, I played funny and exciting games. I did fancy pictures because I wanted to. My little cat wanted some food.  I drew a cat. I drew fancy whiskers on the fat ginger cat. Then I watched The Incredibles. It was cool. By Victoriana

On Sunday my Dad bought me a bike. I was excited. I wanted to know what was in the box. I opened the box but it didn't open. So my sister Disha went to get a knife. She opened the lid and a big bike came was in the box. The colour of the bike is purple and white. I tried to ride it but I thought that I was going to fall. I practised riding on it. Then I could ride it in my backyard. By Diya

On Sunday I saw Mrs Hishey walking around my house. Then Mr Hishey let me take a photo and Mrs Hishey had tea at my house. Mrs Hishey has two white dogs. One of the dogs is a girl and one is a boy. By Barleen

I was at my house because it was my sister's birthday. She was 22 years old, now she is 23. We ate the chocolate birthday cake. We ate vegetarian pizza too. I was playing on my Dad's phone. My cousin was there and my little cousin was there too, but my other cousin was not there. By Anshveer

23 March 2012

Suhina's Birthday

Suhina's birthday was on March 9th. She had an amazing cake which was made by the cake shop. The sand was made from brown sugar.

Ms K got a certificate!

Well done to Ms K for earning a certificate in Junior Learning Community assembly today! It was for doing fantastic weekend writing with LZ4 and being kind.

22 March 2012

We tried a Pineapple

Today I tried a fruit that was spikey. It felt hard like a piece of wood. From the bottom it was yellow and from the top it was green. It tasted like an icecream and it was a pineapple. By Diya

Today I ate a fruit. The outside was sharp and hard. It smelt really sweet. It tasted really juicy. It looked green and orange on the outside. By Juanye

Today I tried a fruit. The fruit was bumpy and hard. On the outside it was green on the top and the bottom was yellow. On the inside it was yellow like the sun. The core was hard like wood. I liked it because it was very sweet and salty. When I felt it, it was ticklish. It was a pineapple. By Maisarah

16 March 2012

Excellence Award Term 1 Week 7

Well done to Alejandro for being awarded the Excellence Award. Alejandro is always responsible in all that he does and towards his learning.

Arcimboldo's Art

Inspired by Arcimboldo, an Italian painter, we learnt how to blend pastels to create vegetable people portraits.

14 March 2012

Go visit a farm this Sunday

We tried a green melon

Today Ms Koltonowska brought a green melon. it was in a round shape. When it was cut open it looked green. Then we passed the seeds around. After that we ate the green melon. By Advay

Today LZ4 tried a melon. It tasted sweet and it looked like a ball. It felt hard and squishy. it smelt like an apple. It had brown lines on the outside. It felt smooth on the inside. By Katie
Today my teacher brought a melon to school. In the morning we tasted the melon. On the outside it was hard and rough. On the inside it had yellow seeds in it. We took two pieces of the melon. It was very squishy. I liked the melon. By Maisarah

We ate a melon. It was good. I had two pieces and the others did too. It was brilliant! By Kanav

How many animals on the farm?

Today we listened and sang this song. We had to work out how many animals were on the farm by making groups of ten and adding them all up.

12 March 2012

Apple Picking

I saw an apple tree. It was with apples. I was plucking apples. I ate them By Kanav

9 March 2012


This week we have begun to learn about farms. We are reading Charlotte's Web by E.B.White and enjoying Wilbur's adventures. We are learning lots of new words such as paddock, meadow, ewe, sow, heifer, coop and kid. We learnt how to draw a cockerel and used pastels to add some colour. Then we dyed the background. 

We are learning this song for assembly next week.

8 March 2012

I went to the farm and saw...

I went to the farm and I saw a piglet playing in the gooey mud. Also I heard a rooster going "cock-a-doodle-do" on the fence. I smelt a bull who did a stinking fart. By Juanye

Today I went to the farm and I heard a rooster going"cock-a-doodle-do." Then I saw a pig playing in the mud. It made a big splash. Afterwards I saw a cow munching on grass. By Advay

I went to the farm and I saw a dog chasing a sheep and I heard a rooster going "cock-a-doodle-do." I smelt pigs rolling in the mud and saw a rabbit jumping. By Caleb

7 March 2012

We tried an avocado

Today I tried an avocado. I tasted a little bit. My teacher brought an avocado. She cut it into pieces. We only cut one. Inside it had a black pip in it. On the outside it was a type of greenish. By Maisarah

Today we tried an avocado in LZ4. It was green with a big giant seed in the middle. It looked fat and bouncy. It tasted sour and fatty. By Katie

Today I tried an avocado. It tasted nutty and it looked black. It felt fleshy. By Juanye

It tasted oily and nutty. It felt bumpy and looked pretty. I didn't like the avocado. That's why I spat it out. By Kiran

2 March 2012

Dr Seuss Poems

We have written and illustrated some poems inspired by Dr Seuss. We were each given a chunk and had to brainstorm all the words which had that chunk. Then we wrote a poem from those words. We think they look fantastic! Come and see our display outside our classroom. They will be moving to the library in Wk 10 to stay on display all year.

Book Week Mufti Day

Today was mufti day. We all came dressed as book characters to celebrate Book Week. We have been reading lots of Dr Seuss stories and even wrote our own poems. The library has had lots of special events on during lunchtime and had a drawing competition.