28 February 2012

Today we tried a Papaya or Pawpaw

Today we tried a papaya. We are learning about how our food gets from the field to the table. Papaya was first grown in Mexico. It grows on a tall tree, a bit like a coconut tree. We used all our senses to get a whole experience of this unusual fruit. Most of us liked how it tasted, even though it smelt like sick.


Today we had our first taste of the sport Squash. We had to practise our racquet and ball skills. We tried to balance a ball on a racquet and bounce a ball on the racquet. This required lots of hand to eye co-ordination!

27 February 2012

What we did at the weekend

Today it is my birthday. I am excited. I am going to have zebra cake at my house. All my friends came to my house at the weekend. We had a lot of fun. We played Pint the Tail on the Donkey and musical chairs. I won. We ate cake. By Diya

In the weekend, I drove to the birthday party with my Mum and Dad and sister at the swimming pools. By Juanye

One day I was in my home and my brother came to play. We played games. We played Power Rangers and we played Ice Fire. My brother has playing cards. By Anshveer

In the weekend me and my family went to the beach at 2 o'clock because it was very sunny. Me and my family caught a 23 pound fish. 'Tug, tug' went the rod. The water went 'splash.' When we went home we ate the fish for dinner. By Victoriana

Happy 6th Birthday Diya!

Custom Birthday Card

25 February 2012

Butterfly emerging

We were lucky enough to see one of our pet caterpillars emerge as a butterly. It took almost five hours for it to fly away to freedom. We found out that butterflies live for six months. We were not allowed to touch it because it was pumping blood into its wings and we didn't want to damage them.

24 February 2012

Fruit and Vegetables

Today we made a poster for fruit and vegetables. We had to draw a carrot, apple and cabbage using coloured paper. We then added some texture using pastels. Then we used bubble writing. Don't they look fantastic? You should eat five plus fruit and vegetables a day. Did you know a tomato is a fruit because it has seeds?

22 February 2012

Our Favourite Food

For the next six months we are learning all about food. Where does it come from? How does it grow? What should we eat to stay healthy? We made a video to share our favourite foods with you. A lot of us really like apples!

The Growl

When I feel hungry it is like a tornado is spinning in my tummy and lightening is going everywhere- bang! Then I ate a sandwich.
By Advay

When I feel hungry it is like a pig is growing big and a big volcano popping and screaming. It sounds like a pig eating a boy and eating a bird and a lion roaring and a hen clucking.
By Anshveer

17 February 2012

Excellence Award Term 1 Week 3

Caleb was awarded the Excellence Award for excellent writing skills. His writing is always a pleasure to read as he applies what is taught and uses onomatopoeia, adjectives and detail.

14 February 2012

Bubble Trouble!

The bubbles are floating
Playing in the sky
Some fun
Some are colourful
Sun shining through them.
By Sahib
Bubbles landing
Blue shining colours
In the air
By Alejandro
I saw the bubbles
Floating in the air
They reached to the floor
I saw some more
The colours were blue
Green purple pink and yellow
By Caleb
Dip your pipe
And gently blow,
Watch the tiny bubbles grow,
Bigger and bigger
Round and fat
Rainbow colours
And then splat!!
By Diya

13 February 2012

Dragon Art

Our Year of the Dragon display is finally up in the Earth Studio. We worked hard on creating a collaborative collage of a water dragon. We also drew our own dragons, added patterns using crayon and our teacher dyed our creations to give them a lucky red background.

8 February 2012

Shavaughn's tooth fell out

Today Shavaughn had a wiggly tooth. So she pulled it out. Maybe the tooth fairy will come and visit her tonight.

1 February 2012

Our Pet Caterpillars

Crunch, crunch, munch, munch. That is all we can hear in our Learning Zone at the moment. We have five pet caterpillars which are happily chewing away at a Swan Plant. They are getting very fat and will soon turn into Monarch Butterflies. They are called Munch, Bunch, Crunch, Hunch and Lunch.

A bit about me

Today we wrote a little bit about ourselves or things we have done to share with you.

On Fridays I go swimming with my sister. We have lots of fun. I went in the big kids pool. By Diya

My icecream's colour was white. It tasted like vanilla. By Sahib

I am good at drawing pictures for my family.  When I don't know what to do my sister helps me. By Maisarah

I like to play with my friends at my home. My friends let me in their garden. We play with our scooters on the path. We scooter on the road too. By Victoriana

I went to the beach and my sister and my brother. I put my feet in the water. My brother gave me an iceblock, juice and doritos. By Anshveer

I like to play Soccer because I dribble the ball around. I saw cones and I scored the goal. Then I said "I'm a superhero." By Caleb