13 June 2011

Elmer the elephant

Elmer the Elephant trudged into the jungle. He went into a magic tree house and wished he had lots of colours. His wish came true. He saw a fire engine and the firemen said 'you can come with us to use your trunk and squeeze water out of your trunk.' Elmer saved the day.   By Michael

Elmer the Elephant has lots of colours. When Elmer was born he was grey. His Mum bought some jelly beans and he thought that they were peanuts. Next he ate them. He got the colours on his tummy. He went back home and his Dad said 'where did you get those colours?' So Elmer shared some colours with his family and friends.  By Harman

Elmer the Elephant trudged into the deep jungle. He found a very full jar of jelly beans. He ate every single one of them. When he got back, his friends were amazed with his colours so they went to the empty jelly bean jar and they all made a wish. They wished that they were colourful and the rainbow gave them some colours. They all lived happily ever after.  By Connor

Elmer the Elephant was a rainbow coloured elephant and he had a lot of colours on his body. He trudged into the jungle. Soon he found all of his friends and asked if they would play with him. But his friends said "no." They said he looked ridiculous but they knew that he had got his rainbow colours from some jelly beans because he had eaten them. The elephants laughed at him and he did not like it. He didn't want his rainbow colours anymore.  By Tanisha

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  1. What a coincidence LZ4 we did Elmer today too for our first Winter Warmers Reading programme! We read the book Elmer in the snow and then did a picture of Elmer hiding under a snowflake. I think after reading your cool stories i am going to get Room B to write some Elmer stories tomorrow about how he got his colours too :)