29 May 2012


Juanye's Mum made Fapapa (coconut bread) for us to try as part of our Integrated Studies learning focus on wheat and bread. We looked at how coconuts grow and what they can be used for. Did you know coconuts have many uses such as for cosmetics like shampoo, for cooking food, as an oil, as decorations around the home or as part of costumes for dancing and you can even drink the water it holds inside it.
Coconuts are fruit. They can be used for lots of things like bowls and cooking oil. To make Fapapas you need to mix sugar, flour, water and coconut cream. The Fapapas felt stodgy and hard. They looked yellow and gold. By Katie

On Monday LZ4 tried Coconut Bread. It actually tastes like normal bread. Coconuts are brown on the outside and white inside. Coconuts can be used for decoration. By Kiran

27 May 2012

Our hens

On Thursday we painted hens! We used a few different browns to create shadow. Then we painted the beak and legs. We blended pastels to create the background.

This little hen....

This week we wrote poems about hens in a farm which were different colours and liked to do different things. We then illustrated our poems using watercolour pencils and used water to paint.

21 May 2012

Boss Parrot Prints

Last week in Art we learnt how to do printing. We made a template from cardboard, then had to roll paint on the template and print onto coloured paper. They worked out quite well for our first try!

Term 2 Week 3 Excellence Award

Well done to Frank who is growing in his confidence to use English at school.

Making Smoothies

Last week we researched on the internet how to make a smoothie. We had to invent our own recipes. We had to include a banana to thicken our smoothie. Some recipes had marshmallows, chocolate Nesquik, canned strawberries and milk. Yummy!

8 May 2012

BFG Dream Jars

This term we are reading the BFG by Roald Dahl as our class novel. We made dream jars for the BFG to add to his collection. The BFG blows dreams into children's bedrooms through a trumpet-like instrument.