1 November 2011

Scary Stories

Whenever I go to the amusement park my little brother makes me go to the Haunted House. It was dark and scary. There was a car. In the car, there was a flashlight and I picked it up and I pushed the button. The light went on. The car started to move very fast! I screamed. Then we came back. I thought it was a dream and my brother was crying. By Liam

Whenever I go to the amusement park I make my sister go in the freaky deadly haunted house. Suddenly there was a boney skeleton glowing in the darkness. Next my sister needed to go to the toilet but there were no toilets. We heard a ghoul noise. It was a scary ghost. Then we went into a guardian palace. Next it was all over. By Michael

Whenever I go to the amusement park my brother makes me go to the Haunted House. We sit in a little carriage. We went through a big massive gigantic door which had a big deadly Australian spider on it. There was a little skeleton drawing with vampire's blood. We looked the other way and saw a bat carrying a person's head! There was a silver ghost which was singing “IF YOU DARE GO TO THAT ROOM WITH THAT BIG BROOM, YOU WILL HAVE YOUR HEAD CUT TO PIECES.” Suddenly the cart raced so fast because zombies were chasing us. Next we came to a dead end. We ran a bit. Suddenly we fell into a hole and landed on something soft. It went forwards a bit into the sunlight and the ride was finally over! By Connor

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  1. Hello Liam,Michael and Connor.I am Dahlia.I am from
    the school Muscat.I really like your scary stories.They are so fun to read!And I like when the ghost sang.I wonder if the scary story is real?Is the story real or not because the first time when I read it it feels the story was real. Because in my country they said ghost's and other scary stuff are real