7 November 2011

The Cantankerous Camel Inquiry Questions

Today we came up with some questions to research about camels.

What does a camel eat? It eats everything like a goat. It depends on the weather. They eat fish, bones, leather, cactus. Connor and Michael
What are the humps made from? Fat
How do camels survive in the desert? 
How long do camels live for? 
What does a camel feel like? They have fur on them and males have dark brown fur whilst females have light brown fur. Andre and Harold
Why do camels spit? To scare or disrupt Ms K
How many humps can a camel have? 1 or 2. Liang and Niskil
How do camels find each other? They yell loudly. Harman
How fast can camels go? 100 km/hour. Kawiti and Thaleisha

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