14 November 2011

2MM Muscat

2MM our Quadblog buddies, asked us how to play Robbing the Nest. They followed our instructions and recorded their game. The music is quite loud so you need to turn it down after you have heard their students speaking. We think it is an awesome video and they followed our instructions very well!


  1. Hi LZ4! It is so great to see our video on your blog! We really enjoyed playing Robbing the Nest. How often do you guys get to play? Mr. Mongardi said that we can play again on Wednesday, which is the last day of the school week for us. Talk to you again soon!

  2. It was fun waching the video called robbing the nest.We have played a similar game like it in our team sports day.we do PE twice a week. How many times do you play PE a week? In our PE lesson on tusday we were pretending to be machines and danced to music.

  3. We do fitness on Monday and Wednesday which is usually Jump Jam or a run. Jump Jam was invented by a new zealander. It is aerobics and dance to pop music. On Fridays we have P.E. lessons and this term we are learning athletics.