29 November 2011

Reindeer or Caribou

This week we are learning all about Reindeer. Did you know that Santa Claus only started using reindeer in the 19th Century? We also learnt that Rudolf was invented in 1939 by a shop who wanted to sell more things for Christmas. Did you know Reindeer means 'snow shuffler.' We hope you enjoy reading our Reindeer reports below.

Reindeer are mammals that live in the North Pole, Asia, Russia and Europe. Males are called bulls and females are cows. A reindeer is a mammal. Some people call reindeer Caribou. 
Reindeer have four legs, two brown eyes, two big enormous antlers and a small, small tail. They can be white, brown or grey. They have very wide hooves. 
They eat mushrooms, lichen, a little bit of grass, berried and their babies drink their mummies' milk. They are born in May and June. They run away from wolves or fight with each other. All reindeer actually do is find shelter or find food or make babies. The Antlers fall off and reindeer grow new ones. By Connor

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  1. That`s a real reindeer wow! I thought a reindeer doesn't really look like that. Is new zeland cold yet? Well I hope it is. Cause it is fun to play with the snow!