1 July 2011

Taniwha masterpieces

This week we made Taniwha masterpieces. First we had to draw the background and colour each section. We focused on colouring in the same direction, adding some shading and pressing hard so that the colours were bright. Next we drew a taniwha. Some of us chose to color our taniwha in the colours of our country's flag, others chose rainbow colours and some used their favourite colours. We hope you like them. They are hanging up in our class to protect us and be our guardians during our learning time.


  1. Mrs Harris and Room B3 July 2011 at 19:30

    Wow LZ4 these pictures look amazing, very bright and colourful and i bet they look stunning in your classroom. We are having an art exhibition in Feilding this week and they would have looked so cool if they had been in it - Ka Pai everyone :)

  2. Gina Koltonowska4 July 2011 at 07:38

    Hi to LZ4,
    Your Tanihwa picture are inspiring and make me want to draw like you.I love all your different ideas for the use of colours, but my favourite is the rainbow because it reminds me of happiness in the world.
    Best regards,
    Mrs Koltonowska (art teacher from England)