7 July 2011

Cole's Dragon Dream by Michael

This is a story which Michael wrote during ACE. He got his ideas from Where the Wild Things Are. Isn't it amazing for a six year old???!!

Cole was outside, he saw the moon shining playfully. Cole was yawning. Cole's mum said " you are getting tired, just go to sleep." And Cole went to sleep happily.
That night Cole had a dream. He dreamed that in his room there was an amazing dragon. The dragon grew and grew until the amazing dragon took Cole off to the moon. Cole cut through the clouds and sped above the sky and into space. Cole didn't hear anything. It sounded silent. Cole felt spectacular! There was a little dot, it grew and grew until it became monstrous. And then Cole landed on the moon. 
It felt squishy and cheesy. Suddenly a pair of big, fat ears popped up from out of a tree. Cole ran away very fast. But the monster said "Peek a boo" in an evil voice. "Can you play tiggy with me?" And so they played tiggy until Cole felt lonely for home. "I want to go home" yelled Cole in a lonely voice. The monster cried sadly "don't go!" The monster tried to wrestle Cole, but Cole lept to his amazing dragon and flew back into space.
The Earth was a tiny dot that grew and grew and grew until it became a monstrous golf ball. Cole flew through his window on his amazing dragon and landed on his bed.

In the morning Cole woke up and looked out of his window and saw the Sun shining playfully at him.

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