14 July 2011

Dragon sock puppets

Over the past week, our teacher has been working hard to prepare our sock puppets. She had to remember how to use a sewing machine and was very proud of her new learning! She cut the socks down the middle and added spikes. Then she had to hand sew on 22 buttons as eyes and also push in 20 teddybear eyes into the socks. Today we got to add glitter and patterns to our dragons before making up plays with them.


  1. OH gosh!Those puppets are amazing. Now that must have been a fun memory making day...
    I'd love to know how your clever teacher made the cute dragon backgrounds on the blog too.

  2. Hello my name is Owen.I am in Taism in Muscat.How can you cut the sock to make it like an dragon.Did very one make the dragon the same size?Did you have fun making the dragon together? I like all of the dragons because you put the teeth in them.