11 July 2011

St George and the dragon

Today we learnt the English legend about St George and the Dragon. The English flag is a red cross on a white background and is said to have originated from St. George.

Once upon a time there was a king and a queen. There was also a dragon who killed people. The dragon was very big and kept attacking the people. St George was very strong. He threw his sword into the dragon's mouth. He died. The princess and St. George were married. By Harshil

One fierce day a terrorizing dragon was eating the sheep, but there were no more sheep. So the king sent the villagers to the dragon to be eaten. The princess got caught by the dragon. Suddenly St. George came to help to attack the dragon. Then St. George married the princess. By Michael

Once upon a time there was a king and a lovely princess. They all lived happily. But the big and fierce dragon came. He lieved in a cold and wet cave. The king said "that dragon has to go!" St George a brave knight, heard what the king had said and made a sneaky plan to kill the dragon. That night, the dragon stole the princess and decided to eat her! The next morning, St George rode a white horse to the dragon's cold, wet cave. He yelled to the dragon "Hey dragon! First eat Mr. Axe." He threw it into the dragon's mouth. The dragon chocked on it and died. St George let the princess on his white horse and in ten minutes they were all safe in the castle. Next they got married.  By Connor

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