12 April 2011

Wiki is coming to visit from Manchester Street School, Fielding!

Our teacher has organised for us to have a mascot exchange for term 2! Bernard, the St. Bernard is going to go to Room B, Manchester Street School in Fielding. Today we looked on google maps to see where Fielding is because no one knew. It is close to Palmerston North.

We are going to look after Wiki the Kiwi from Fielding for a term, write up his adventures in a book and put posts on our blog of some of his adventures. We are hoping he has a safe journey up to the big city of Auckland over the holidays. We have promised to treat him like a celebrity.

This is where Bernard will be living for Term 2!


  1. Mrs Harris and Room B12 April 2011 at 22:19

    Hello Munchkins we are all very excited to have you as our "Blog Buddies" It is so cool seeing Wiki and our school on your blog. Wiki is very excited to be spending next term with you all and cant wait to have some new adventures. He is also excited because the Rugby World Cup is getting closer too - he loves learning and sport.

  2. André's Mum and Dad13 April 2011 at 14:53

    Hi LZ4, you must be very excited about Wiki's visit next term. Remember to take good care of him and let us know what interesting new things you're learning together.

  3. Wow LZ4, you are so lucky to have a visitor like Wiki coming to MHP! I think him and Ellie might be good mates - perhaps they will share some adventures at school? Your blog is looking great!
    Miss Baker

  4. LZ 4 Munchkins you are amazing with the things you are doing in your LZ and at school. I visited your LZ last night after you had gone home and saw the huge papier mache bugs that you have made. They look awesome but a bit scary. Hope your teacher's burnt fingers are getting better now.

    I think you have a cool blog with such a variety of poems, videos, and snapshots of your learning moments.Keep up the great work yo are doing!
    Mrs Vohra