14 April 2011


Today we had a talk from the SPCA: the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. We learnt about the five main things our pets need: water and food, shelter, love, vet care and exercise. We watched Suzy's World and learnt that their is only one SPCA centre in Auckland and it deals with 15, 000 pets a year! They have all types of animals from cats and dogs, to sheep and horses. We had a chance to stroke a rat. We donated some cans of food to say thank you for coming to talk to us.

Max is my pet dog. He is a Maori Cook Islander. Max has four legs and has a wet nose and black eyes. On cold nights he goes to my bed and sleeps. By Romana

Milo is my pet rabbit. He looks a kind of chocolate colour. He has brown creepy eyes and freaky invisible whiskers. He lives in a little rabbit house outside. He has four legs and a bushy tail. He loves me and I love him. By Connor

Ella is my cat and she has four legs and whiskers. She sleeps on my bed when I sleep. She kisses me. After that she goes outside then my Dad gets my cat. By Lorraine


  1. The SPCA helps animals when they are sick and lost. They can feed the dogs food.

  2. I enjoyed pet day. I liked the rats