7 April 2011

If I were a ...

If I was a bee, I would sting people with my stinger and collect nectar from the flowers. I would give the nectar to the Queen. Afterwards all of the bees would eat the honey together.
By Harman

If I was a butterfly I would have beautiful colours. I would have patterns on my wings. If I found flowers I would suck the nectar and lay an egg underneath a leaf. I have a large family.
By Amisha

If I was a praying mantis, I would camouflage myself on a leaf and wait until I caught a fly. When it rains I would hide under a tree and wait until the rain has finished. I would live in the woods with my friends. I would play tag with them.
By Connor

If I was an army ant I would kill a scorpion with my strong team and fight every insect to protect the colony.
By Michael


  1. What great writing LZ4! I love your stories because they show how much you know about these insects but they are also using your imagination to make them extra interesting! Well done!

  2. Your writing demonstrates your knowledge about a variety of insects. I especially liked the sound of the army ants. They are my favourites but I wouldn't like them living in my garden!!!!

    Mr Thurlow