8 April 2011

Spider Sculptures

Over the last two weeks we have been working on making spider sculptures. We did papier mache over balloons and had to have four layers of paper. Then we stuffed them with papaer to make sure they kept their shape. We added the head and painted them black. Then we added our own patterns and designs. We learnt how to make concertina legs from strips of paper. Our teacher used a hot glue gun to glue on the legs and eyes. She burnt her finger and it hurt for 3 hours! Ouch!


  1. Hello Munchkins,

    Wow, your spiders look awesome! Great job! I love papier mache because it's a great excuse to make a big mess. It looks like you had lots of fun.

    Love Mrs N

  2. Hello Munchkins

    Thanks for commenting on our blog. I think your background image is really cool!

    From Mrs B and Room 15 UHPS

  3. Hi Munchkins, your spiders look great! I think I would be scared if I walked into your classroom and saw them hanging down from the roof(I am very scared of spiders).
    Miss Mac

  4. Mrs Harris and Room B11 April 2011 at 20:13

    We are a Year 2 class in Feilding and spotted your blog from the Smarties blog site in Australia would you like to be blog friends if so our address is below
    Kind regards Mrs Harris and Room B at Manchester Street School

  5. Hello from Leicester, England!
    I do love your giant spiders and how you have taken time to make them pretty with the colourful dangly legs!! Your teacher's finger looks poorly so next time she needs to remember to take a greater care when using a glue gun.I hope that you have named all your spiders like pets. Well done to all. love your teacher's mum

  6. André's Mum and Dad13 April 2011 at 14:46

    Hello Munchkins! What fantastic job you did making these very colourful spiders. We can't wait to come to LZ4 and see what they all look like. Maybe we'll found Spiderman hiding in a corner somewhere too ..... We hope your teacher's finger is all better by now.

  7. I LIKE MAKING SPIDERS MISS KOTLOnowska i wish we can made more by michael