27 April 2011

Wiki has arrived!

Bernard, the St. Bernard is in transit heading to Palmerston North, Fielding on a mascot exchange with Manchester Street School, Room B, Fielding. He will be staying for a whole term. 
Wiki, the kiwi has arrived safely with a rugby world cup bag full of goodies. I can tell he loves rugby. He has been hanging out with me and so far has been to the National Library to help me choose some books about simple mechanisms which is our topic for the term. He has met Pipsqueak my kiwi friend.

He came to the gym to train and hoped to spot the Warriors because they train there. I have arranged for him to train with a few of the Blues, because they play real rugby, not just league. He will be going with Andrew, a personal trainer from the gym on Thursday to meet them. Plus the manager of the gym is going to TRY to get a photo of Wiki with the Warriors next Monday. Wiki
 can't wait to meet the class on Tuesday and find out who is the first Munchkin with whom he is going home.


  1. Wow Wiki is getting so spoilt already - he wont want to come home! Yes he is a very sporty kiwi and is going to enjoy being at Mission Heights Primary for the term :)

  2. wiki is the best by harman