27 March 2012

What we did at the weekend...

In the weekend, I played funny and exciting games. I did fancy pictures because I wanted to. My little cat wanted some food.  I drew a cat. I drew fancy whiskers on the fat ginger cat. Then I watched The Incredibles. It was cool. By Victoriana

On Sunday my Dad bought me a bike. I was excited. I wanted to know what was in the box. I opened the box but it didn't open. So my sister Disha went to get a knife. She opened the lid and a big bike came was in the box. The colour of the bike is purple and white. I tried to ride it but I thought that I was going to fall. I practised riding on it. Then I could ride it in my backyard. By Diya

On Sunday I saw Mrs Hishey walking around my house. Then Mr Hishey let me take a photo and Mrs Hishey had tea at my house. Mrs Hishey has two white dogs. One of the dogs is a girl and one is a boy. By Barleen

I was at my house because it was my sister's birthday. She was 22 years old, now she is 23. We ate the chocolate birthday cake. We ate vegetarian pizza too. I was playing on my Dad's phone. My cousin was there and my little cousin was there too, but my other cousin was not there. By Anshveer

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