22 March 2012

We tried a Pineapple

Today I tried a fruit that was spikey. It felt hard like a piece of wood. From the bottom it was yellow and from the top it was green. It tasted like an icecream and it was a pineapple. By Diya

Today I ate a fruit. The outside was sharp and hard. It smelt really sweet. It tasted really juicy. It looked green and orange on the outside. By Juanye

Today I tried a fruit. The fruit was bumpy and hard. On the outside it was green on the top and the bottom was yellow. On the inside it was yellow like the sun. The core was hard like wood. I liked it because it was very sweet and salty. When I felt it, it was ticklish. It was a pineapple. By Maisarah


  1. Good sentence Juanye!

  2. Wow! You got Juanye to eat a fruit... lol - Jen