7 March 2012

We tried an avocado

Today I tried an avocado. I tasted a little bit. My teacher brought an avocado. She cut it into pieces. We only cut one. Inside it had a black pip in it. On the outside it was a type of greenish. By Maisarah

Today we tried an avocado in LZ4. It was green with a big giant seed in the middle. It looked fat and bouncy. It tasted sour and fatty. By Katie

Today I tried an avocado. It tasted nutty and it looked black. It felt fleshy. By Juanye

It tasted oily and nutty. It felt bumpy and looked pretty. I didn't like the avocado. That's why I spat it out. By Kiran

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  1. Look at Juanyes face? lol... Great to see you tryiing new things.... Jen