2 March 2012

Dr Seuss Poems

We have written and illustrated some poems inspired by Dr Seuss. We were each given a chunk and had to brainstorm all the words which had that chunk. Then we wrote a poem from those words. We think they look fantastic! Come and see our display outside our classroom. They will be moving to the library in Wk 10 to stay on display all year.


  1. Hello to all from England,
    Just a quick note to let you know that I love your poems and illustrations that you have drawn.

    Continue being creative!:)
    All the best.
    Mrs Koltonowska

  2. Hi Munchkins! Your poems are fabulous, and so is your artwork! I enjoyed them so much, and can't wait to show the Kind Kids on Monday. You are very creative. Did you do your illustrations first, and then paint them? I will check in again very soon to see what you are studying.

    Have fun learning!
    Mrs. S and the Kind Kids