20 September 2011

Teddy Bears' Picnic

Today we had 20 visitors come to our Learning Zone! It was so exciting. We learnt about where the name 'teddy' came from. Apparently in 1902 the USA President Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear when bear hunting and a newspaper wrote about it. Then a toy maker started making bears and they have been popular ever since!

We had a shared morning tea with Tiny Teddy biscuits, fairy bread which was cut into the shape of teddies made by Andre's Mum, fried bread from Harshil's Mum, some sandwiches and a cookie from Michael's Mum and biscuits from Ben and Tanisha. We all made a sandwich with our toys and could choose from three fillings; vegemite, strawberry jam or runny honey. Then we met with all the other classes and went to the hall for a picnic. We sat on blankets and ate our sandwiches. The New Entrants had made teddy shaped biscuits for every single student in the Junior Learning Community! What a treat. We finished the day off with a rotation of Robbing the Nest, Rugby Skills and playing Musical statues and chairs. 


  1. What a lovely picnic with yummy treats and so many happy little teddy bears at MHP today!A few of them shared their yummy cookies and cup cakes with me too.

  2. LZ4, it sounds like you had great fun! I think the teddies really enjoyed spending the day with you all. Did Ms Koltonowska's teddy come too?

  3. Hi LZ4, we really enjoyed this post. We liked the teddy bear song a lot. We also know that Teddy bears are called Teddy bears because Teddy is short for Theodore! When we watched the movie, there was a really big teddy in one photograph. That teddy reminded Dahlia of the teddy that she has at home. We have a couple of questions though. What is vegemite? We think that you must put it on bread, like jam or runny honey. Also, what is Robbing the Nest? We think it is a game, like Rugby of Musical Chairs.
    Thanks for sharing your blog with us,

    2MM in Oman