26 September 2011

Comparing Bears

Bears are large mammals. Some bears are alike, some are different. Bears look wild and scary. Don't you dare think bears are cute! They are wild. They will hurt you. Black bears eat honey, insects, fruit and fish. Polar bears eat fish and seals. They both have sharp teeth. Polar bears have naps and black bears hibernate. By Harman

Bears are furry animals. Cubs are little cute bears. They look like mammals. They hunt for food but Polar Bears hunt for fish in the sea and Black Bears hunt for insects.  Everyone thinks bears are cute, but they're not and they are dangerous. When there is no food for the bears they have to hunt everywhere. If they don't have food for a long time they won't survive. By Liang

Bears are big dangerous animal that can scratch your back. They look cute but they have huge teeth. Polar Bears hunt for food in the water. They eat fish and seals. Polar bears have webbed claws to help them swim. Black Bears hibernate, but Polar Bears just have little naps. All the bears are mammals. Baby bears are called cubs. Cubs stay with their mother for 2 years. By Keisha

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