13 September 2011

Answers from Wendy Orr

Dear Everyone

I'm glad you were all so happy that I answered! I have a Google Alert that tells me when people blog about Nim's Island, and very occasionally, I see something very special, like yours.

1. Were you good at writing books when you started? From Connor 

Writing is like all other skills - you get better at it with practice. But sometimes you can be lucky and start with a story that seems to be easier to write than some of the ones that come later. (Ark in the Park was the third book I wrote, even though it was the fifth book published, and it is nearly exactly the same as my first draft.)

2. Who are you supporting in the Rugby World Cup, Canada, France or Australia? From Ms K
         (Very quietly) Canada. But what I love best is watching the haka. 

3. Did you go to Auckland for the opening of the World Cup? From Michael
          No, but I saw a bit of it on the plane coming from the Brisbane Writers Festival. 

4. Where do you live in Australia? From Kawiti
          On the Mornington Peninsula, which is south of Melbourne

5. What is your favourite movie? From Liang
          The Fox and the Child. (And Nim's Island, of course!) 

Happy reading!

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