25 September 2011

Polar Bears

On Thursday we created some polar bear art. First we made glaciers out of newspaper. Then we used blue bits from magazines to collage the sky. Then we stuck some paper towel down and dyed it blue for the water. We also stuck some glitter paper on to make the water look shimmery. Next we practised drawing polar bears on newsprint before drawing the final bear on blue paper. We then used silver, white and yellow pastel to make it look like the polar bear's fur.

Did you know:
polar bears have black skin
polar bears are left handed
polar bears like eating seals and walruses
polar bear babies are called cubs

1 comment:

  1. Hello, I am Miles. I really liked your post about polar bears. I really liked the way you dyed the water, cut the paper, an glued it on. Did you know that polar bears have paws as big as dinner plates? Why did you want to write about polar bears?