26 August 2011

Teddy Bears

This week we read Grumpy Bear by Jill Eggleton. We wrote letters to Grumpy Bear asking him why he couldn't sleep and making suggestions about what he could do. We thought he could have a hot honey milk drink, or snuggle up to a hot water bottle, or put ear muffs on to block out the noise that the birds, bees and mice were making. We also thought he was a bit mean and rude to shout at the other animals and suggested he said sorry and threw them a party. We also did some stunning art on Thursday which is now on display in our Learning Zone.

1 comment:

  1. Good morning.I am in Muscat. My name is Rushan.
    I like how you are all making things in the pictures. We are reading a book about a boy who is a
    good detective. His name is Nate the great.
    What is a learnig zone? Is it like a class room?