9 August 2011

Howick Historical Village

Today LZ 1, 4, 5 and 6 went to Howick Historical Village to take a step into the past. We learnt about parlour games, how to make butter, the toys children played with a hundred years ago and explored the village. We hope you enjoy our photos! Thank you to Liam's mum and Harold's dad for helping us out all day.


  1. Mrs Harris and Room B9 August 2011 at 20:16

    What a fantastic display of photos LZ4 it must have been a great day lots of memories. Sorry we havent been on sooner, we just got our new digital teaching station so it took some time trying to work it out. However we really want to come and eat all those delicious cakes and the artwork you did looked stunning they would look so cool at our rainbow school! Say hi to Bernard, Wiki says a big hello back and sad to hear Xuan was leaving :)

  2. What an amazing day you must have all had. I love your photos in your traditional costumes making butter, toys and playing games. It was really hard to recognise some of you and your teachers.

    Can't wait to read your stories about life as a child in an old village and in the city of Auckland today.