1 August 2011

Our holidays

One rainy afternoon Ricky, AJ, Mum, my sister and me went to Botany movie theatre. We watched Cars 2. We were in the very front row. It was a movie about top agents. There was a naughty professor who was trying to take over the world but Flinn was an agent. He was stopping those dumb dumb babies. They were good at making machines go nuts. It was awesome. My sister did not like it. We had popcorn and it was yummy.   By Connor

One sunny day, I went to Myah's house in the afternoon. When I got to her house I was really excited. I got my cool fairy dress and Myah has the same one. Myah's parents were also there too. Libby is Myah's mum and Andy is Myah's dad. Myah and me enjoyed playing so much we started to get hungry and a bit bored. So we ate some cheese in bread and we watched Beauty and the Beast. In a while, the doorbell rang and it was my dad and he said "come on Tanisha we have to go home." When I got home I said to my parents I has a great time at Myah's house and I enjoyed it so so much. By Tanisha

One windy morning, my family went to the cinemas. We wanted ti watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. My family needed to wait because we were early. i was starving. We tried again and we went inside and it was loud. We sat in the middle. It was scary. I was eating popcorn, chips and Coke. The screen was so light but all around it was dark. The seats were nice. I was moving lots.  By Harold

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