11 August 2011

Howick Historical Village recounts...

At school we came in and packed our bags and the bus came. Then we climbed on to it and we drove to Howick Historical Village. Only the people who are 6 and 7 could go. We played with wooden horses, stick, bowling and stilts. We explored the village. We saw tents, shops and wooden things. There were old places. We made butter with Mrs Pots. We ate butter with crackers.  By Andre

Yesterday LZ4, LZ1, LZ6 and LZ5 went to the Howick Historical Village. First LZ4 and LZ1 went to make butter. We saw how Mrs Pots made the butter. First there was cream inside the glass and we sang a song, but on cold days the cream takes a long time to turn into butter.      By Amisha

On Tuesday 2011, the Yr 2s went to the Howick Historical Village. It was old, cold, different and fragile. It was cold and damp. My favourite past was when Mrs Hill taught us some outside games like bowling, wooden horses, triple sticks, stilts and skipping. To me, the bowling was the super best. We all had exciting things to do, like different things than now. By Connor

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