23 July 2012

The Fox

This term we are focusing on writing descriptions of a moment in time. We are reading The Robber Fox as our shared book and have been learning about foxes. A baby fox is called a kit. Here are some of our descriptions of the picture below.
The little red kit is timid because Mum is out hunting. The kit is waiting on the grass. Its tummy is grumbling. The kit is looking for bugs. By Koda

The kit is waiting for its Mum. The cute kit is in a log. It is hungry. It is brown, orange and black. The grass is tickling its paws. There are lillies growing, also red roses. By Katie

There was a little brown orange kit in a wooden brown log. He was timid and scared. The kit was very lonely because his mother had gone hunting. You can tell because of his snout. He was guarding the wooden log because it was his home. By Danna

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