16 July 2012

In the holidays....

I went to the zoo. I saw the tigers down in the bottom. The tigers were sleeping. Afterwards I went to look at the other bits of the zoo. They were wonderful. By George

In the holidays, I went to the museum. I was very excited. I saw many guns. I even saw dinosaur bones. First we all went to buy tickets. The tickets were for donation. My Mum and my Mum's parents came. We were wandering around like birds. Next we made masks. There were lots of wooden carved animals. After that we saw creepy snakes in jars. They looked like they were real. I saw what famous people used to help them to walk. I had fun. By Danna

On Saturday Mum and Dad went out shopping. They were buying groceries. Then they found a spot near a shop that was giving away aprons for free and my parents got two, one for my brother and one for me. They were red and there were pictures of food. There was a cookbook and a vivid pen. My Mum bought play money for us to play with. By Maisarah

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