23 July 2012

A picnic description

On a beautiful sunny day, a family of four went out for a picnic in the park. The girl threw the ball and Mum caught it. The ball was blue, red and orange. Then after playing with the ball, the family started to eat crunchy apples and when they were thirsty, they had orange juice in a yellow cup. Dad was lying down on the green grass. He heard birds singing up in the blue sky. By Barleen

One summer morning, a family of four went for a picnic at the park. They heard the wind blowing through the trees. They saw people playing cricket. They smelt the beautiful fresh grass. Their mother is throwing a red, orange and blue ball. By the boy is a green ball that is light green and dark green. The little girl is giggling because her mum is throwing the ball high up in the blue sky. By Maisarah

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