27 February 2012

What we did at the weekend

Today it is my birthday. I am excited. I am going to have zebra cake at my house. All my friends came to my house at the weekend. We had a lot of fun. We played Pint the Tail on the Donkey and musical chairs. I won. We ate cake. By Diya

In the weekend, I drove to the birthday party with my Mum and Dad and sister at the swimming pools. By Juanye

One day I was in my home and my brother came to play. We played games. We played Power Rangers and we played Ice Fire. My brother has playing cards. By Anshveer

In the weekend me and my family went to the beach at 2 o'clock because it was very sunny. Me and my family caught a 23 pound fish. 'Tug, tug' went the rod. The water went 'splash.' When we went home we ate the fish for dinner. By Victoriana

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  1. In the weekend it was my dad's birthday.we had dinner in the restaurant.Myself & my brother bought cake from cheese cake shop.We had a good time:-)