1 February 2012

A bit about me

Today we wrote a little bit about ourselves or things we have done to share with you.

On Fridays I go swimming with my sister. We have lots of fun. I went in the big kids pool. By Diya

My icecream's colour was white. It tasted like vanilla. By Sahib

I am good at drawing pictures for my family.  When I don't know what to do my sister helps me. By Maisarah

I like to play with my friends at my home. My friends let me in their garden. We play with our scooters on the path. We scooter on the road too. By Victoriana

I went to the beach and my sister and my brother. I put my feet in the water. My brother gave me an iceblock, juice and doritos. By Anshveer

I like to play Soccer because I dribble the ball around. I saw cones and I scored the goal. Then I said "I'm a superhero." By Caleb

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