11 June 2012

Weekend Recounts

On Saturday Mum and Dad went shopping and I stayed at home with my two brothers and my sister. I played blocks and made a tiny ship. Then my brother and I did some work. After that, my brother and I were playing again. I was so hungry that my tummy was grumbling a lot. I ate some food. By the time I was finished, Mum and Dad came home. I helped Dad to carry the food. By Maisarah

On Saturday I got a new skateboard. It was black and red and blue. My uncle bought it for me. After I got kneepads and a helmet. Then I went to the skatepark. I did flips. Then I went back home. I ate popcorn and we watched movies. Then I went to eat my dinner. By Koda

Yesterday my Mum, Dad, brother and me went for a long walk. We walked all the way to the hill. The view was lovely. I was a little tired. My Mum and Dad decided that we needed to go a little further. So we started to walk and my little brother was lucky because he could sit in his seat. On the way I picked some yellow flowers. The flowers were as yellow as the sun. I gave them to my brother. My legs hurt after the walk. By Danna

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