29 May 2012


Juanye's Mum made Fapapa (coconut bread) for us to try as part of our Integrated Studies learning focus on wheat and bread. We looked at how coconuts grow and what they can be used for. Did you know coconuts have many uses such as for cosmetics like shampoo, for cooking food, as an oil, as decorations around the home or as part of costumes for dancing and you can even drink the water it holds inside it.
Coconuts are fruit. They can be used for lots of things like bowls and cooking oil. To make Fapapas you need to mix sugar, flour, water and coconut cream. The Fapapas felt stodgy and hard. They looked yellow and gold. By Katie

On Monday LZ4 tried Coconut Bread. It actually tastes like normal bread. Coconuts are brown on the outside and white inside. Coconuts can be used for decoration. By Kiran

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