25 April 2012

Term 2 Holiday recounts

I was at my home. I was watching the computer. Then my big sister came. She was downloading a game for us called Mugen. When it was loading, she was watching Facebook. By Anshveer

In the holidays me and my family friends went to Whitianga beach. There was a shipwreck so the kids weren't allowed to swim there. Me and my family dug a hole in the sand so the water could go in the hole. By Diya

In the holidays, I went to the pools. I stayed for a long time until it was night time. Then I went back home to watch the pirate movie. By Juanye

In the exciting holidays, I went to the big shop called Number One Shoes because on Monday school was going to start. So me and my Mum and Dad, found some shoes that were super big and super small. Then they found good ones which were size 11. Then on Sunday, I went to the humongous store and I bought some hair bands and one mirror. By Victoriana

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  1. It was Waiwera hot pools... so it was okay to stay till night time... lol.... Jen